In addition to the top 10 kitchen tools I recommended in my first cookbook, Best Holiday Dishes for the Vegans in Your Life, below is a list of 10 more of my tried-and-true favorites that have assisted me in cooking and baking over the years.

They are great staples in my kitchen. You do not have to buy any of them. These are tools I have tried and fallen in love with and I wanted to share the knowledge with you as they can make things a bit easier for you too. I hope you find them helpful.

Be sure to also do your own research. Everyone here has different needs, expectations, and budgets. I’m not endorsing any product, just sharing what has worked for me over the years I’ve been cooking and baking.

1.    Wooden Spoons and Spatulas
I love my wooden spoons and spatulas. They are kind to my cookware and fun to use. The additional benefits are that they are slow to heat and don’t react to acidic foods.

If you do use them, wash them by hand right away, if possible. You never want to let them soak in soapy water. Occasionally, you will also want to oil each of them to keep them in good shape. I recommend using a good-quality, organic coconut oil. Just dab a bit on, rub it in, and let it soak in. If you get a bit heavy-handed, just wipe off any extra with a paper towel and use it on the next one.

2.    Nut Butter Mixer
Since I began purchasing all-natural, unsweetened nut butters, I found it a bit of a hassle to mix the jar well. Wouldn’t you know it, there is a gadget for

3.   Rubber Jar Opener
Sometimes, a jar just won’t open for you and you need a bit of help. I always use a small, square rubber mat designed for opening jars and it works every time. It’s cheap and easy to store. If you have this issue, check it out.

4.   Mandoline Slicer
If you find yourself chopping up a lot of vegetables, a mandolin can come in handy. It makes short work of slicing and julienning vegetables. I use it
when I have a lot to cut and want to save some time. Be careful though, the
blade can slice your fingers.

I recommend wearing a metal protective glove when using one. Some include the glove.

5.   Steamer Insert
If your pan set doesn’t come with a steamer insert, you can buy a stainless steel one on Amazon or at a kitchen store. Some department stores carry them too. They are inexpensive and work great to steam vegetables.

My favorite food to steam: carrots. So sweet and delicious.

6.   Rice Cooker
If you make a lot of rice or any grain (you can use a rice cooker for more than rice!), I recommend you buy one of these small appliances. They save a lot of time and you can just add your ingredients and walk away. When you come back, the rice (or grain) is ready to go. Easy-peasy.

7.   Scale
I cook and bake a lot, as you can imagine, and once I purchased a food scale, I was able to get more precise in my baking and open my kitchen up to European recipes that use weight instead of measuring cups. I love using a scale. If you cook and bake a lot, add this to your kitchen. It’s great.

8.    Water Purifier
I haven’t done extensive research on water purifier systems, but I do use a home water filter pitcher to take the bleach out of my city water. I love it.
Try one out. You’ll taste the difference.

9.    Fine Mesh Strainers
I love my set of fine mesh strainers. You can use them for more than
straining small ingredients. Use them in place of a flour sifter. It’s a game

10. Potato Masher
I use my hand masher for more than just potatoes. It’s great for mashing
beans and other ingredients, and it’s a lot easier to use than a fork.

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