Have you been looking at improving your health and optimizing your immunity? Not sure where to start?

There’s a whole lot out there and it can be overwhelming. I was there too and want to help. I’ve put together a list of the top five health and nutrition reference books that made a huge impact in my life. They can help you too!

These reference books will provide you with all of the scientific data you need to get started researching a whole foods, plant-based, vegan diet. Be warned, however, that some can be a bit dry.

I also encourage you to research on your own, including looking at reputable sources online, at libraries, and in bookstores. You know exactly what you’re looking for but these can get you started.

The China Study
This book, by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, is one of the most referenced books I’ve come across and is extensive. It is a book about nutrition from a study conducted over a ten-year period in rural regions of China that were not influenced by the Western diet. It shows evidence that diet can not only prevent but also, in some cases, reverse illnesses like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

How Not to Die
I listened to this one on audiobook and Dr. Michael Greger actually made it rather entertaining. It’s a lot to take in so you may want to read it instead of listen. I recommend both. Just like the title says, Dr. Greger teaches you ways you can change your diet to avoid and even treat big killers like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and high blood pressure using scientifically-backed evidence. It’s a great sequel to The China Study. This book will teach you specifics on what to eat to be your most vibrant self.

Eating Animals
This is an investigative report of why we, as a society, eat meat. The author, Jonathan Safran Foer went on a quest to answer the question of why we eat some animals and not others. It may not be for everyone but it will be for those who’ve pondered the same question. It has also been made into a documentary. Check it out.

Eat to Live
Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book offers a way for people to lose weight quickly and effectively while improving their health using his health = nutrition / calories formula.

The Reducetarian Solution
Brian Kateman discusses how the simple act of reducing the amount of meat we eat can and will transform both our health and the health of the planet. This is an empowering place to start.

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