There are plenty of websites, BLOGS, VLOGS, and books that will help you on your journey to add healthier, more nutrient-rich foods and drinks into your everyday life. On my own journey, I did a lot of research and below are the 5 I found to be the most information- and recipe-packed.

In addition to my own beverage book, Simple and Refreshing Drinks: Day to Night Fun Beverage Recipes that will Please Your Senses and Help You Lose the Dairy and Alcohol, coming out in early October 2020, these will keep you inspired.

Explore and have fun!

Share your experiences on social media. Be sure to tag me @amandaleeber or #tryingoutvegan. See you there. Cheers!

Dry by Clare Liardet

My favorite recipe: Chili and Lime Margarita

Zero-proof Cocktails by Liz Scott

My favorite recipe: Coladatini

Healthy Drinks by Anna Ottosson

My favorite recipe: Virgin Margaritas

Anti-Inflammatory Drinks for Health by Maryea Flaherty

My favorite recipe: Watermellon Mint Mocktail

Mocktails by Kester Thompson

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