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Behind The Painting

A work of art hides a troubling history. Can one woman discover the truth before she’s painted into a deadly corner?

Juggling office politics and demanding hours, Lorelei Thomas is laser-focused on her dream job. When she’s distracted by a beautiful painting she’s drawn to at an art festival, she decides to celebrate by purchasing the stunning piece for her mantle. But she’s barely brought it home when doors start slamming open and shut by themselves, and Lorelei is terrified she is no longer alone…

Haunted night and day, Lorelei desperately resorts to calling in paranormal investigators. And with her friend by her side, she’s plunged into an eerie world that will drastically redraw everything she knows.

Will Lorelei uncover the supernatural secret and live to tell the tale?

Behind the Painting is the spine-tingling first novel in the Deeds of the Dead ghost mystery series. If you like scary twists and turns, intriguing plots, and a dash of charming romance, then you’ll love Amanda Leeber’s engrossing story.

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Advanced Praise for Behind the Painting

“Amanda Leeber has achieved a fantastic job of combining mystery and the supernatural into an exciting, fulfilling story.”

5-star Goodreads Review

“With fascinating insights into how the paranormal is investigated and dealt with and a surprising twist, you too will be turning the pages to the finish.”

5-star Goodreads Review

“If you are looking for romance, suspense, and a paranormal mystery, you will enjoy it!”

5-star Kindle Customer Review

“An easy read, it started as a classic supernatural mystery but turned into something else. Loved the full circle finish, greatly enjoyed it!!!!!”

5-star Kindle Customer Review