Behind the Painting

Title: Behind the Painting
Published by: Leeber Publishing
Release Date: December 1, 2018
Contributors: Amanda Leeber
Genre: , , , ,
Pages: 335
ISBN13: 9781729452608

Virginia was just 22 years old when she took her own life, leaving behind only her paintings to remember her.

30 years later, Lorelei is drawn to one of these paintings, a serene watercolor of a Japanese garden scene. Her decision to purchase the painting will stir up unfinished business from the past, putting Lorelei’s life in jeopardy. Author, Amanda Leeber, delivers a fast-paced haunting tale that will take you to a place you didn’t see coming.

From the night Lorelei brings the painting home, strange things begin to happen. Electronics stop working. There are unexplained temperature drops. Items are misplaced. Cabinets and drawers open on their own. And things are starting to get worse.

Her best friend, Cherry, brings in a paranormal research team but what they uncover will bring even more turmoil into her life, taking her to the only person that can uncover the truth behind the painting; Autumn, a shamanic practitioner who will reveal a truth so unexpected, it will change Lorelei forever.

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