Best Holiday Dishes for the Vegans in your Life

by Amanda Leeber

“The cookbook itself is very clear. I found the directions easy to follow. I feel that anyone who needed to cook for a vegan could follow these recipes and be successful. It is good for a family of vegans and meat eaters. Vegans can have a full plate while it would work as a great veggie side for meat eaters.” -Carla B, Grocer and Home Cook

“I tried the Butternut Penne and it was delicious!!! I am excited to try more of the recipes and this coming from a devote meat lover.” -Diane W., Travel Agent and Home Cook

“The toasted garlic butter noodles are FIRE! The ingredients and measurements are on point. The instructions are detailed yet simple. The recipe is also easy to modify. I’m not a master chef, so I’m glad this dish is super easy to make. It makes me proud to have made a decent dish. I’m definitely learning a lot from Leeber.” -Nancee-Laetitia Marin, Home Cook and Recipe Tester

Simple Staples Cookbook

by Amanda Leeber

“Let me start by saying this book is very well put together and written in a way that even newcomers to the kitchen can understand without any issues and I think that is extremely important when writing a cookbook. Everything from the measurements to all the terminology included really makes it so you don’t have to stray away from the book to Google something and I love that! It also includes pretty much any “staple” item I can think of and its especially handy because a lot of these items are pretty hard to find in stores so it’s incredibly convenient to have them all laid out in this book. Really looking forward to trying the tempeh bacon!” -Jeremiah, Professionally Trained Chef and Recipe Taster

“This book is a must buy!” -Amazon 5-Star Review

“Vegan or not, you gotta get this gem of a book! From guac to pesto to hummus, to pizza dough, to jam, it’s all there.” -Amazon 5-Star Review

“I would recommend this to anyone – not just vegans.” -Amazon 5-Star Review

Simple & Refreshing Drinks

Simple & Refreshing Drinks

by Amanda Leeber

“What a value-packed book! I especially liked the strawberry smoothie and the cocoa mint post-workout smoothie. Both simple to make, and delicious.

I am a tea fanatic, so I enjoyed the iced green tea latte and treated myself to the anti-inflammatory hot chocolate.

I have always wanted to make my own milks too. But somehow never felt confident I was doing it right, but your almond and oat milk recipes are so straightforward and clear that I feel confident to make my own.

Every recipe has clear instructions, nice and easy to follow. All doable.”

~ Julie Leonard, recipe tester and small business owner of Julie Leonard Coaching