Giveaway: We have a WINNER!

We have a winner: Gladys.

To celebrate the launch of my debut supernatural suspense, Behind the Painting, I set up my first giveaway with the winner selected Friday, December 7. What did Gladys win: a signed paperback copy and some super-swag. What’s the swag? A chakra stone set that includes:

  • 7 Chakras Tumble Stones in a Gift Bag
  • Spiral Cage on a Black Cotton Necklace for wearing a Crystal
  • 4″ Abalone Shell and 3-4″ White California Sage
  • Wooden Stand for Shell
  • Beautifully packed with Chakra Palace printed instructions and blessings for smudging and cleansing to remove negative spiritual energy.

Though the giveaway ended last night, there are still two more giveaways coming. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to find out more. Until then, you can still enjoy my book. Grab a copy now on Amazon.

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